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Our Beginnings
In 2017, nestled in the heart of Dallas, the idea of TaBooth was born. It was not just the inception of another photo booth company, but a passion brought to life by TJ and Courtney Terrell.


The Fusion
While TJ, an information security professional, thrives on precision and detail, Courtney infuses the venture with her designer's touch, creating an unparalleled aesthetic experience for our clients.


Personal Inspirations
Beyond our professional pursuits, it's our personal journey as parents of two vivacious children that gives soul to TaBooth. Through their eyes, we rediscovered the joy of candid moments and the undeniable importance of treasured memories. Inspired by these little adventures, we envisioned a service that captures the uninhibited, the spontaneous, the 'taboo' in everyone.


Our Mission
To preserve those fleeting moments of joy, those unexpected bursts of laughter, and those dances of delight. Be it a grand wedding celebration, an intimate birthday gathering, a pulsating corporate event, or any treasured occasion, TaBooth promises to be your companion in crafting unimaginable memories and facilitating unspeakable fun. With our customizable open-air photo booth experiences, we're not just clicking photos; we're curating moments that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Community Involvement

At TaBooth, our goal is not just to capture joyous moments but to be part of creating them. That's why we are actively involved in the community, collaborating with initiatives that align with our values.

One such partnership was with The Birthday Party Project, an organization committed to bringing the magic of birthdays to homeless children. We had the privilege of being part of their annual fundraising event, which is crucial for providing birthday celebrations for children in need.

This collaboration goes beyond business for us; it's about making a meaningful impact where we can. Through these partnerships, we are committed to doing more than just capturing smiles—we aim to help create them for those who need it most.

Start Your Journey with TaBooth

We invite you to be a part of our story. Whether you're planning an event or simply curious about how a photo booth can elevate your celebration, click below to get a quote or get in touch. Let’s create unimaginable memories and unspeakable fun together.

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